April 20, 2017

Jimmy John's is NOT having $1 subs on 4/21. #FakeNews

I have seen all over the internet about Jimmy John's having subs for only $1 tomorrow.  Well, guess what?  It's FAKE NEWS!

Be sure to share this to your friends so that they don't go out of their way to get a $1 deal that doesn't even exist.  I get so frustrated when people make up stuff like this and then innocent people share it because it would be a great deal.  So anyway, it is fake news and please let others  know.

As always, when I see a deal, I like to check out the original source of the deal before posting ... and in this case, Jimmy John's.  I headed over to their Twitter account and found this:

Please check deals from the source before sharing as this will cause a lot of disappointment for both the restaurant employees as well as customers.

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