April 14, 2017

My Favorite Coffee - in fact the ONLY coffee that I buy now.

This is my favorite coffee and pretty much the only coffee I buy anymore.  I buy the Fog Chaser, Rain Forest, and the Variety pack ... and I always buy the 80 ct because that is the best deal.  It breaks down to roughly 38¢ a cup!  
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San Francisco Bay OneCup Coffee works not only for getting customers the best coffee but also for the good of people and the environment.  I have no affiliation to the company itself, I just really like their coffee and the way that they run their company.

You can see more about their company here: Rogers Family Company

San Francisco Bay OneCup Coffee.  These fit in Keurig coffee makers.  The company uses wood pulp, corn, and mesh for their pods unlike all the plastic in other brands.  And, it's good coffee at a good price!

While I used to buy it on Amazon, I found out that Staples also has it locally!  And, we really should shop local as much as possible or we are going to lose all our stores!  Staples price is pretty close to Amazon's price, and if you sign up for Staples rewards and email, they sometimes send coupons out!  So I usually buy it at Staples now.

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.