April 12, 2017

New $3 off Dulcolax coupon - approx 60% off savings when used at Walmart!

There is a new $3 off Dulcolax coupon that popped up this morning!  If you want this, you better be quick.  You just never know when the limit will be reached and they pull the coupon!  I am really bad about waiting and end up  missing out on the good coupons.
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Walmart.com shows the Dulcolax 25 count to be $4.98, so only $1.98 after the coupon!  That's approximately a 60% savings!

$3.00 off one Dulcolax Laxative or Suppository

Kmart.com shows the 25 count for $5.94 - so it looks like Walmart is best price.

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