April 6, 2017

Why I am stepping down as a Shop Your Way personal shopper.

After careful consideration, I have decided that the ShopYourWay personal shopper program is not for me.  I am a blogger ... I work for myself.  I don't push sales on anyone.  If I find what I feel is an interesting deal, I post it and let others know.  I get asked to find deals here and there from followers of my blog as well as friends and family members ... I don't need ShopYourWay to be a personal shopper.  I can be a "deal seeker" for you anytime ... as I have always been for my family, friends, AND random strangers in the past.  I like finding deals and sharing them!
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There are actually several reasons why I chose not to accept the new terms of the ShopYourWay program.  

The decision actually started a while back when I received this email.  I started to feel that there was too much control on what I could help my clients with.  I have one client that asked me to send her specific things monthly.  I CANNOT do that through the SYW dashboard or without her asking each time if I am to follow the terms as they are listed in this email.  To help people the way THEY want to be helped, I am violating the terms.  I guess this was just the beginning of the end of this for me.

1.  I am also now assigned a "team leader" ... just because I'm not making the amount of sales that they want, I am now under micro-management.  Nope.  ShopYourWay is  NOT my main focus.

2.  I am given a goal for sales of approximately FOUR times what my clients purchased last month.  I am NOT pushing sales on anyone!  That is not who I am.  Some of my clients want inexpensive items and I am not about to try to push them into more purchases.

3.  I'm also not happy with the sweepstakes posts.  Not that they don't give prizes away, but when you win and it posts, it doesn't say that you actually only won maybe 10¢ in points.  AND, the items you pick that you would like to win ... are added to your catalogs and "wish lists" ... even if the only way you would get that item is if you won it.  So, the whole thing is a bit deceiving.

I don't fault anyone who is in the program as a personal shopper or a client ... but the program is not for me.  I am just about finding deals and suggesting them.  And, sure, as a blogger, the way I run my site is that I do make a little money advertising or through commision ... but my integrity comes first.  I don't feel that I can support this program and be honest to myself ... and my followers.

So with that all said, you know where I am and how to contact me if you are looking for something in particular ... I will always do what I can to help you find deals.

If you are a new blogger and looking for ways to make money, there are some good programs out there that are not pushy and you can use only what feels right for you and your blog.

I also post a LOT of deals that I have absolutely NO affiliation with - only because they are good deals.  That's what I feel should come first.  I used to have an affiliation with Dollar General, but I found that because I promote Penny Shopping at their store (which is totally legal, but frowned upon by some), that I probably should end that affiliation so there is no look of impropriety.  So I no longer have the affiliation with Dollar General.  Whatever you do as a blogger, be honest with yourself.

I quit going to one of my favorite blogger's sites because she became over-agressive with clipping coupons when you hit the landing page on her site and had to unclip each one if you didn't want them.  That's what happens when you decide money outweighs your readers.

Shopher has a good program.  I only promote the deals that feel right to me and my blog.  There are a wide range of items to choose from including new coupons almost daily that you can promote or suggest.  Check it out below!

Another favorite is Amazon.  I LOVE Amazon, but don't get me wrong.  I am critical of what I post.  They send out new deals every day, but those aren't always the "best" deals around.  So, you might want to search around for what you find as deals ... or what suits  your blog.  They have a wonderful interface too called "site stripe" where you can just click and get the link instantly to whatever page you are on!

Amazon also offers "bounties" or higher rewards for sign ups for certain services on occasion.  Like for sign-ups for their FREE-Trial of Amazon Prime!

Groupon is another site that pretty much sells itself and has an easy linking "bookmarklet" you can add to the top of your screen for use at any time.  And, you can ALWAYS find great deals on Groupon ... not saying that all deals are good, but there are always some if you look.

Here is a deal for Pirates fans.  If your followers are going to a game anyway, why wouldn't they go ahead and get a good deal on tickets?  This is how I blog ... delivering what people want and with a clear conscience.

Check out this and other deals at Groupon.

I'm happy to help anyway, I was posting deals on another website for years before I ever started my own blog.  As I said, it's what I do ... I try to help people.

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.