May 5, 2017

Last day for extra 50% off on select merchandise and clearance at Dollar General!

Today is the LAST day of the EXTRA 50% off 2-day Clearance Event at Dollar General!

I went to a handful of stores yesterday and spent no more than $3 at any of the stores. There really wasn't a lot of stuff left here, but I did get a few items! Considering that Purple "Must Haves" are a penny and gray dot are ringing 12¢, I guess I did okay!

Here are a few of my finds yesterday.  I am still going through bags, organizing, and adding items to the Penny Puss APP, so I don't have it all in one place.

The included categories are:
Gray/blue dot apparel, shoes, and accessories - which are 25¢ and ringing 12¢ for this event.
Easter - 90% off and ringing an extra 50% off.
Easter candy - 70% off and ringing an extra 50% off.
Yellow star toys - 90% off and ringing an extra 50% off.
Disney Infinity individuals regularly $10 - $14, now ringing 90% plus the extra 50% off.
Select as seen on TV ringing extra 50% off.
Pink dot accessories ringing extra 50% off.
Purple dot home - which are ringing 50% off the regular price.
Blue star toys - which are ringing 50% off of the regular price.

Remember that there are always some exclusions. I found some gray dot socks yesterday that rang up full price as well as a gray dot hat that rang full price. The one store said that those particular socks weren't included and that is why they weren't with the clearance stuff. So, I did not get them. The other store did an override on the hat that was gray dot. This will vary by store.

Happy Shopping!

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