May 18, 2017

Staples shopping haul today! (50¢ Avery shipping labels and address labels!)

First off, if you are a member of Staples rewards, check your email! I received a $5 gift reward today plus I had a $5 surprise reward that I had not used yet from May 11. I was going to Staples to get the Hammermill ream of copy paper for 1¢ after rebate. See details here: Staples paper ream only a PENNY after rebate and coupon!

I always look at clearance when I am in any store and I found some good stuff today!

So, here is my hual.  I only paid for the paper ream - a little over $5 after coupon, plus I will file the rebate.  The address labels and the shipping labels were 50¢ each!  I bought 10 of each making them FREE after my reward certificates.  These are not earned rewards, jut surprises that they send out on occasion!

Avery shipping labels 18126 and Avery address labels 18160.

I'm not sure if clearance varies by location, but it doesn't hurt to check your store!  Here is some other stuff I found that someone might be interested in:

Also, don't forget: 

FREE shredding up to 2 lbs at Staples with coupon!

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