May 10, 2017

Update on yesterday's new pennies at Dollar General.

Tuesday, May 9th, we first reported that gray dot and blue dot apparel, shoes, and accessories would penny along with yellow star toys, and Disney Infinity characters ($10-$14 only). It seems that yellow star toys DID penny, Easter DID penny, but gray and blue dot are not all ringing at a penny ... some are still ringing 25¢.

Hanes fleece has pennied.  Some are reporting that more items have pennied from the gray dot today, but still not all.

About the APP:  This has placed the Penny Puss APP into a predicament. I don't know which gray and blue dot items pennied and which stayed a quarter, so I have hidden those categories in the app for now. I am going to have to start fresh with these items as I find which items are and are not pennied. I am sorry for this inconvenience.

Please note that if your items do not ring what you are willing to pay, we ask that you respect the store enough to PUT YOUR OWN ITEMS BACK!  Also, do not make a mess looking for pennies.

Happy Shopping!

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