May 4, 2017

UPDATE: Purple Dot "Must Haves" shoes, boots, and slippers PENNIED at Dollar General.

It seems like I never get to update the website anymore except for Monday nights!  Besides the Hostess Spring Cupcakes and Strawberry Twinkies pennying Tuesday, we also had surprise pennies of the Purple "must haves" shoes, slippers, and boots!  There are a few exclusions though.  One exclusion is the ladies black fabric-like athletic shoes.

Since these were surprise pennies, I did not have any of them in the app yet.  I am working to get the UPC's and as  many pictures as I can to get them loaded.  There is a good start and you can browse the pictures in that category to get an idea what to look for in case you are not sure.

I wanted to address a couple issues with the Penny Puss APP.  First, it is NOT a replacement for your own research.  And, I know that some think at $4.99 it is expensive for not  having a scanner and not having ALL pennies in it.  It is a ONE time fee and yours to keep forever after that.  I have contacted the company that I "rent" this app from and they DO NOT have any plans to add a scanner.  I am sorry about that.

As I have said many times, we are not affiliated with Dollar General and we don't get "inside information" from them.  So, we rely on our group members and those who have purchased the app to help keep it updated.  I can only update with the information that I have.  And, I know some lists from the stores are posted online, but many times those UPC's aren't correct either.

I am not making excuses, and although I do work hard to keep the APP updated, I also know it is missing a lot of pennies too.

99.9% of the items in the app are penny items, the others are items that might easily be mistaken for a penny item and marked as "not a penny" in the app.  When clothing, shoes, and accessories penny in the next week or so, I know I will not have all the items in the app.  There are SO many items and absolutely no way for me to get them all.  So, if you decide to purchase the app, please keep this in mind.

I also get a lot of emails asking why there are not pictures for everything.  Well, unless I bought the item myself or someone lets me use their picture, I don't have a picture for those items.  I can't just go pilfering around the internet using pictures that don't belong to me.

Anyway, the app is not essential to penny shopping but even I use it now and then.  There are over 6000 items in it now and  honestly, I can't remember that many things on my own.

Happy Shopping!

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