June 23, 2017

HOT HOT HOT Yankee Candle Sale! (You can save over 70% off!)

If you are a fan of Yankee Candles, you do NOT want to miss this deal! The advertised deal for their big sale is 6 of the big candles for only $60! But wait! There is a code that will take 20% off an order of over $50! So you end up paying as low as $8 each EVEN AFTER shipping when you buy 12! Yes, I told you this was hot!

The large jar candles are regularly priced at $27.99, but right now SELECT fragrances are on sale for $15 or you can get a much better deal when you buy 6 for $60! Then, you add coupon CW12 to your cart and PRESTO, you save even more!  The coupon expires June 25.

The candles that are included will have the red box under the sale price.

The best price is when you buy 12 - This way, you also get free shipping!  You get 12 of the large candles for a total of $96, that's only $8 each!

You are saving over 70% on these candles when you buy 12!

If you don't want 12 candles, 6 is still a good deal though!  Your total would be $53.99 for 6 with the shipping charge, making it $8.99 each.

This is almost a 68% savings!

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