June 26, 2017

SELECT Yankee Candles only $9.33 each - must purchase in sets of 3 - free shipping on $100 orders!

A couple days ago I posted about the Semi-Annual sale and how with a code, you could get the large $27.99 jar candles for only $8. Well, the deal has changed and the code is gone, but you can still get 3 for $27.99 ($9.33 each) ... but possibly only $5 each if you have the $15 ones still in your cart from yesterday!

These are some of the candles that I ordered that are showing up in the cart as $15.  So I got in on both the buy 1 get 2 free and the promotion from the past couple days  - select large candles only $15!

My candles ended up being only $5 a piece!  Please read on as this is a HUGE YMMV.  The cookie needs to still be on your computer from the $15 sale to take advantage of the $5 a piece deal!  YankeeCandle.com


I had considered putting in an order - and had a bunch of candles in my cart, and then decided that I really didn't want to spend the money. The coupon expired yesterday, but I went back and checked to see if it would work anyway. Nope, the coupon is dead ... BUT ... I noticed that some items were showing as $0 in my cart. That was strange. So I clicked on one of the items and it has a NEW promotion of buy 1 and get 2 free, but the price was still showing only $15 in my cart! So buy 1 at $15 and get 2 free - YES, that makes them only $5 each! I placed not ONE, but TWO orders this morning!

If you want this deal, you better act fast! It is probably not going to last long!  I'm guessing it's because there is a cookie on my computer still showing this price that I could put in 2 orders, because I checked another browser and they are all coming up $27.99.  So, remember, YMMV.

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