July 29, 2017

Giant Eagle Earth Balance Spread rebate - possible money-maker if clearance at your store!

I ran across some new clearance at my local Giant Eagle today ... it is refrigerated clearance.  You can possibly get 3 Earth Balance spreads FREE - plus $1 extra back!

I went to Giant Eagle today to get a few more jars of the Giant Eagle brand pitted kalamata olives that are 50% off. I've been using them in everything and eating them as snacks. They are pretty good. 

So, of course I had to look around to see if there were any clearance deals. Last week, I got huge boxes of Poise liners for only $1 after coupons!

This particular store sometimes puts their clearance items in the cooler across from the bakery section of the store.

The best deal is the Earth Balance spread.  It is a possible money-maker!  There is a rebate to get $7 when you buy 3 - so buy 3 and pay $6 and get $7 back!  So free plus $1 money-maker!  The details for the rebate are right on the package.  You just snap a picture and send it to them and they send you a $7 reward card.  See details on the package.

Additional clearance items - I didn't purchase any of these, but they were mostly $1 each - except for the Earth Balance was $2 and Country Crock was $3.

Be sure to walk around the store if you have time ... and look for clearance tags! The clearance Kalamata olives are with the olives. I saw other tags here and there on products on their regular shelves too. Let us know what you find!

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