July 3, 2017

Need lots of chips? Check out this Dollar General Deal!

Dollar General has a 3-day sale that started yesterday. You can get 2 bags of Lays for $4. There is also a promotion to get a $5 Dollar General Gift Card when you buy Lays potato chips at Dollar General.

You will need to do 4 separate transactions to get this deal.

Make 4 separate purchases of Lay's Potato Chips at Dollar General.
For the best deal, buy 2 at a time through tomorrow for only $4!

Out of pocket will be $16 for 8 bags in 4 different transactions, plus you sign up for a $5 Dollar General Gift Card HERE.  You will need the codes that print on your receipts, so please don't lose them!

Enter your 4 codes from your 4 transactions and get a $5 gift card!  They also have 2 additional items you can earn if you purchase more Lays chips.

It looks like you have to have 4 codes for the $5 gift card, then 4 more for the pool lounge, and then 4 more for the Bluetooth Speaker.

So, if you want all of them, it would cost you $48 ... that is, if you get in on the deal through the 4th of July!