July 20, 2017

Walmart is no longer price-matching in their stores.

Many of you already know this, but Walmart no longer price-matches local competitors in their stores.
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Walmart.com updated their website last Friday to reflect their new policy. They are no longer price-matching local stores. You can still match a price to their own website while in store though.

To price match, they will verify the price on Walmart.com and ensure it is not a 3rd-party seller.  The item online must be in-stock as well and may be limited to one per person per day.  You can see more here at Walmart Price Match Policies.

Walmart DOES have the Saving Catcher that will match top local competitors when you input your receipt and give you back the difference on a gift card.  Just BEWARE that there are a ton of exclusions!  We don't buy a lot of canned or boxed foods, so this really hasn't done much for us.  Produce, meat, deli, seafood, office supplies, toys, appliances, housewares  ... all EXCLUDED.  The only items that are included according to their website are the following ... and there are even additional conditions that may apply:

  • "Groceries such as pantry staples including cereal, chips, rice, yogurt, milk, and frozen foods (must be identical and match UPC to UPC)
  • Consumable items such as paper towels, bleach, and trash bags
  • Health and beauty items such as shampoo and makeup"

The good thing for couponers is that you can still get the Savings Catcher rebate even when you use your coupons!  For additional details, you can see Saving Catcher FAQs.

You want to also be aware of "who" they consider top competitors.  When you enter your receipt, they will show you who they are comparing and it will NOT be all your local stores.

So, I suggest instead of heading straight to Walmart - look over your local ads and put a list together of what you need and who has the best prices.  In my area, it's mostly Aldi.  I buy most of what I need there and then hit Walmart or Giant Eagle for items I can't get at Aldi.

It looks like you can still price-match when you are buying online at Walmart.com though.  There is a list of specific stores and you can only get one item per person per day.  Also, these items cannot be 3rd-party sellers on these select websites.  Other conditions apply.  See details at Walmart.com Price Match Policies.

You will need to Walmart Customer Care if you are attempting an online price-match.