August 11, 2017

Child costumes for under $5 on Amazon!

There are always good deals on Amazon, you just have to look for them.
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I was browsing Amazon this morning, like I usually do ... and I came across some really inexpensive costumes!  These are mostly add-ons, so you will have to have an order of $25 or more total to purchase these items.

The costumes vary in price by size. Remember that Amazon can change their prices at any time! I have instances where I just put in an order and the price jumped drastically within a few minutes. So don't delay if you like the price!

How do I find deals?  Well, I search what I am looking for.  Then, I go to the right-side where there is a dropdown box and change it to "low to high".  Then, I go to the left-side and scroll down until I get to the box for "Prime" and click it.

This mermade costume in size large is only $3.50!

This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Donatello costume in large is only $3.67!

This mermaid costume in size large is only $3.39!

This ice queen dress is size large is $2.94!

Here is another that is $5.01 (okay, not under $5 like I said, but still a good deal!)

And another just over $5 - The Secret Life of Pets in 3t/4t.

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