August 7, 2017

Dollar General Penny List for Aug 8

Another penny day this coming Tuesday!

Aug 8, the purple dot and "hidden" purple dot home items should penny.  Many or even most of these items are already in the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder, but will not be visible until verified tomorrow morning.

When I say "hidden" purple dot, they are just items that do not have a purple dot, but are included.  These lightbulbs are hidden purple dot.  I got quite a few packs of them over the weekend for 60¢ ... they should penny with purple dot.  I always say "should" because Dollar General has delayed and changed things up before, but we report to the best of our knowledge.  We have integrity and do not want to mislead anyone.

If you are new to penny shopping, please see the links below for all kinds of useful information.

The only item that I have found that is purple dot and did not markdown with the purple dot, is an etched bud vase.  If you know of other items that were not included, please let us know.  Not only does it help other shopper, it helps the stores because shoppers aren't picking up non-penny items.  It goes more smoothly for everyone.

I will not be going shopping tomorrow.  I went this weekend and got what I wanted from what was left at 90% off.  If you are going shopping, be sure to clip the $2 off $10 digital coupon that is good today or tomorrow.

Please do not make a mess in the stores.

The Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder is an in-store convenience item and not a replacement for your own research and judgement.

This app is an in-store tool.  It is best used with Facebook Groups and our Lists. 

Important Links:
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