August 14, 2017

No new penny list for Dollar General this week. Also, beware of "fake" or misleading lists.

There are NO new pennies that we are aware of this week.  With that said, please read the rest of this so you know what is NOT a penny.
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If you are new to penny shopping at Dollar General, please refer to the toward the bottom to help answer your questions.

I started my penny groups and the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder to teach people how to penny shop.  It is so much easier on the stores and on the customers if everyone knows what they are doing and not just guessing at things.  There are so many groups and websites popping up that post just about anything to get clicks and members - some with very little integrity.  It's really a shame.

There is also SO much misinformation going around right now.  There are people posting the 50% off back to school sale items as a “possible” list to check.  SERIOUSLY???  Think about what we are doing to the stores?  Those unfortunate employees have to deal with this ignorance on a daily basis!

There is a couponing website that posted about a huge list of pennies for last week … included the 50% off appliances in that list with an obscure 70-90% line … so people are posting THAT as a penny list.  All the other pennies in that website’s list are old pennies. 

People are bumping old posts and posting old information like it is new … this is just going to disappoint people.  Sure, it’s possible to find these items still, but not very probable. 

ANYONE can have a website, blog, Facebook page, or Facebook group … but not all that do have integrity.  I am so disgusted on what the coupon community has become – seems like there are so many people out there who don’t care if it’s the right way … they will misuse coupons as long as they get something for free or almost free.  And, even brag about it.  A coupon is something that a manufacturer puts out with "terms" ... those terms are supposed to be followed.  Just because you can do something will work ... does not mean that you should do it that way.

Also, with the small $10 red slow cooker that pennied …  and the barcode was covered with a UPC sticker making it full price … I have seen pictures where you can CLEARLY see someone pulled that sticker off to get it for a penny. 

What the hell happened to personal integrity? 

And for my last comment, when you try to teach people something, you should have the responsibility to teach them the right way.  Unfortunately a lot couponing groups and websites just don’t care.  It’s really quite disappointing.

Happy Shopping!

I’m staying home.

The Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder is an in-store convenience item and not a replacement for your own research and judgement.

This app is an in-store tool.  It is best used with Facebook Groups and our Lists. 

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