August 10, 2017

Shopping with Dollar General online ... what is your experience?

I have ordered 3 times within the past 6 weeks from Dollar General online with mixed results.
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I had never put in an order with until this past July. I noticed that they were putting codes on the bottom of the store receipt to use on the website. Also, there are usually Saturday codes posted on the website itself, so I decided to take advantage of them.  Plus, they gave me an online code for answering a survey after my first order.

If you are looking for codes, you can also look on ... plus, you get a % back on your purchase if you go through them before ordering!

You can see my last order deal here:

My ONLINE Dollar General Haul $50 down to less than $20 after codes and offers!

My first order was perfect. They are pretty quick with delivery - usually about a week. At least that is my experience. Everything was in my order and no damage. The second order, however, was missing (2) shampoo/conditioner sets. I paid with Paypal and this order was never finalized. In other words, I have not paid for it yet. The order still shows pending in my Dollar General account.

The third order, which I received yesterday, had the right number of products, but I received Tresemme as a substitute to the the Suave Professionals shampoo/conditioner sets. I ended up getting an awesome deal with the use of codes ... so I am not going to complain.

So 1 out of 3 orders was correct. It's kind of funny that they sent me a survey after the 1st order ... and, of course, they were given glowing reviews from me. Then, I order 2 additional times and both had either missing items or wrong items - and no additional reviews.

If you have ordered online, I'm curious as to what your experience was.