August 23, 2017

Sterlite 18-gallon totes at Walmart only $3.50!

Does anyone really ever have enough storage totes?
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I was searching for clearance yesterday at my local Walmart and ran across some nice totes for only $3.50!  These were located back in the garden area.  Prices may vary from store to store.

These show as $5.24 online, so you want to check to see if your store has them as prices in-store and online are frequently different.

You can check BrickSeek to see if your store has them in stock.
BrickSeek Sterlite Tote in Bright Berry

There were dark blue ones like this berry one in my store that were scanning $3.50 and a much larger blue one scanning at $6.

These are the ones that I bought for $3.50 each.  There were only 2 and I got them both.

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