September 24, 2017

$2 off $10 Dollar General Digital Coupon good through Tuesday!

There is a $2 off $10 digital coupon available right now.

Head over to Dollar General Digital Coupons and clip your $2 off $10 digital coupon. This is only good through Tuesday, Sep 26th and can only be used once per account.

I am sorry for not posting much lately and especially during the clearance sale this past weekend, but I just couldn't focus on only only 1 hour of sleep a night! I finally got about 3 hours of sleep this morning. I have an upper-respiratory infection and every time I get in bed, I start coughing. So, I had to prop pillows up around my head and sit on the couch. But the weird thing is that (even sitting up) I'd start coughing as soon as I'd fall asleep! So very little sleep means very little focus for posting.

I did get to my one local store during the clearance event. I really wanted to go to others as there were some good deals out there, but I just wasn't up to it.

Anyway, not wanting sympathy or anything ... just letting everyone know why I haven't posted in a while and that I am getting back to it ... although it may be slow for a while.

If you shop online, there is a 20% off coupon for tomorrow only.  Use code FALL2017 at checkout.  These usually stack with other offers, so sign up for Dollar General emails as they send out codes occasionally too!

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