September 15, 2017

$5 off $5.01 or more in the Amazon Baby Store for Prime Members! Just pay pennies!

If you are an Amazon Prime member, head over to get $5 off an item in the Amazon Baby Store!  Items cannot be sold by a 3rd-party.  Some items may not qualify.
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Check out Amazon Family and get $5 off in the Amazon Baby Store!

After visiting the Amazon Family link and signing up (if you are not already) ... 

1.  Go to the Amazon Baby Store and select an item for $5.01 or more and add it to your cart.  Be sure it is sold by Amazon and not a 3rd-party seller.
2.  Go to checkout and enter the code FIVEOFFBABY - $5 will be deducted from a qualifying product.

Here are a couple items that cost just pennies with this code:

These items are available at the time of this post.  The prices and sellers may change at any time, so please check twice before ordering and be sure your code comes off at the checkout.

You can search the Amazon Baby Store on your own, but be sure to click on the right-side bar that where it says "Prime" and then seller "" to remove most of the 3rd-party sales.

You can find out here if you qualify for a free-trial of Prime:

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