September 15, 2017

Check your Walmart for $1 clearance clothes and more!

If you have not been to Walmart in a while, you really should plan a trip to just walk around and look for the savings!
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I have found some pretty good deals at Walmart lately.  The summer clothes are slowly being marked down as well as other items that might be of interest!

Look for the clearance racks and then scan the items to see if they are marked down any more than they are marked!  I bought some toddler clothes for only $1 each and a pair of toddler pajamas for $3.  Check the clearance aisles too!  I found a box of these UltraPro plastic card holders for only $1 in the clearance aisle ... but I didn't stop there!  I went to the aisle where they sell different types of cards and found 3 more boxes!

I also found these multi-tool lighters in clearance and they scanned at $1 ... but again, I did not stop there!  I found more in the checkout area on a peg where they sell the cigarettes!  When you find an awesome clearance item in a clearance aisle, think where it may be located in the store and look there too!  The SKU for the multi-tool lighter is 31954783 and you can check it on BrickSeek to see if it is discounted and/or available near you.

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