September 8, 2017

Fingerlings Monkeys available for order and local pickup - see store for details!

Check out the Fingerlings Interactive Toy Monkeys that are available to order. Or, you can check your local store to see if they are available for pickup.
We use affiliate links and ads to help fund our site. has 5 different Fingerlings Monkeys available at this posting.  I can't say how long they will be available as every time I post a location that they are available, they seem to sell out quickly!  If you check on sites like Amazon and Walmart, you will see that 3rd-part sellers are snatching them up and charging much higher prices!  We are going to try to keep up through the holiday season on where you can find these at their regular price!

This is supposed to be one of the hot toys this year and if you think you want one, you better get in while you can still get them from a reputable merchant.  Don't end up like last year trying to get ahold of one of the Hatchimals last minute!

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