September 7, 2017

WowWee Fingerlings Interactive Bella Monkey is available to order!

Yesterday I saw this monkey on Amazon and decided against it.  Well, of course, today it is completely sold out and only available by 3rd party sellers at increased prices.  I searched a bit and found them in stock at a couple different places.
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The Fingerlings Bella Monkey is available on  There is a limit of 2 on this toy.  You can get free shipping if you purchase $29 or more.  You might want to check out the clearance too.  I got a 2 pack of Bratz Dolls for $5.98 and a Frozen Troll for $6.98.

I also found them showing in stock at some GameStop locations.  So check there too!

The holidays will be here before you know it, might as well get a jump on shopping!  Plus, many people missed out on last year's hot toy the Hatchimal!  Get your Fingerling while you can!

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