October 6, 2017

$1 for 4 reams of Staples copy paper after Easy Rebate!

You only have till tomorrow as this coupon expires on the 7th of October!
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Head on over to Staples Coupon Center and print the coupon for a 4-ream case of Staples copy paper for only $1 after Easy Rebate!  It's bad enough ink is expensive ... why pay too much for paper!  I am down to just a couple reams of paper, so I thought it was a good time to look for a deal.  I don't really use a lot of paper, but I do use it for printing coupons.

The price shows $19.99 online ... just so you know what your out of pocket will be.  You should get back $18.99 with the rebate ... and the rebate should print on your receipt.

The coupon says "limit one per customer" so you might be interested in an 8-ream case for $10.99 after Easy Rebate below if you need more.

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