October 30, 2017

Dollar General Penny List for Oct 31

Just a short penny list of candy starting tomorrow at Dollar General.

UPDATE:  Rumor by other groups and sites yesterday said that Hostess Halloween would penny today.  They did NOT penny today!  We address these issues to make it easier on shoppers and the stores.  Unconfirmed information like this makes it hard on everyone and THIS is why stores don't like penny shoppers!

October 31, we have 4 items that are supposed to penny.  These are already in the Penny Puss APP but show as "stop" because they are not supposed to penny until tomorrow.  Any time you see this in the app, look at the item for further details.

Please note that the canvas "art" is only there to let you know that it has recently gone from 2¢ back to $1.20 ... it is NOT pennying tomorrow.

There is also rumor that the Hostess cakes for Halloween will penny tomorrow, but we are thinking that those will be next week and not this week.

Of course, we could be wrong ... but we will try to keep you all posted if we find out any other discounts or pennies.

The Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder is an in-store convenience item and not a replacement for your own research and judgement.

This app is an in-store tool.  It is best used with Facebook Groups and our Lists. 

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