October 20, 2017

Hot Toy Post - LOL Surprise Big Surprise in stock!

I did buy pre-order this from Walmart for my granddaughter's Christmas present.  She really likes opening surprises and THAT is what I think puts the value in this toy.
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This toy is not a round ball that it looks like ... it's a half-sphere.  It comes with a couple little dolls and a bunch of little accessories and stickers to put on the accessories.  You have to put some of the fizz balls in water to get to the surprises.  So, in other words, it's not just a toy ... it's something to keep your little one occupied for a while.

In stock on Amazon.com for $69.99.  This is regular price and has been selling out on occasion at this price.  You will be fortunate if you can find a much better price on this item.

It is Out of Stock on Walmart.com right now, but you can keep checking the link to see if it comes back in stock.

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