October 25, 2017

LYNX brand Men's Stainless Steel Rings under $10!

If you are a fan of LYNX Stainless Steel Jewelry, look no further than Amazon!
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You cannot search by the name, but while I was perusing the jewelry, I noticed that some of Amazon's items have the LYNX stamp!  This jewelry sells for much much more on Kohl's and other websites.  The rings on Kohl's start are $50 and up!  I am only posting items that are sold by Amazon and not 3rd-party sellers.  Amazon has free returns on these items (check on each page to be sure) so you are covered!

This is a picture from Amazon and is the same logo as the LYNX brand sold on Kohls.com.

This cross necklace is $100 on Kohl's right now!  I only posted items that I could clearly see the LYNX brand on the jewelry either in the picture or video provided on Amazon.


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