October 19, 2017

Update on 90% off clearance at Dollar General. What to look for!

Tuesday, quite a few categories at Dollar General went to 90% off.

The 90% off clearance includes lawn and garden, green dot home, swim and summer, and patriotic party supplies.  There ARE exclusions!  Some exclusions include hoses, grills, and coolers.

I had a few items that are green dot that did not ring up 90%.  The green dot $35 patio rug rang $4 for me ... and the green dot small square $5 cow picture rang up full price.

For swim and summer, last year it was most of the yellow "peel here" tags.  This year there are quite a few more items that are excluded.  Most of what I would call the obvious swim and summer items rang up 90% off, but some of the other toys with the "peel here" stickers did not.

I am trying to get these items loaded into the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder so that when they penny, we will be ready!

Some items that you might want to look for that are NOT obvious are below:

$13 MacGregor Basketball - ringing up $1.30

Bowling set with "peel here" sticker - no symbol - ringing up 90¢. 

Franklin baseball and tee ball gloves - ringing $1.40 and $1.00.

Squish light up footballs - ringing up $1.

Franklin colorful rubber balls ringing up 25¢

Another to be aware of is the cars $7 throw blanket.
You have to get the one that has a Q1 code under the UPC ...
NOT the one with the 06 code.
It will ring 70¢ if you get the right one.

The green dot patio rug is pictured above to the right.  That's the one that I said rang $4 for me.  It's obvious green dot, but you it may be in another part of the store  - possibly with other rugs.

The cars pillows that ring 70¢ must say "light blue" or "dark blue" above the upc on the plastic AND it the upc must be printed on the actual plastic and NOT a sticker UPC.  I have seen people suggest that you get the cashier to scan the bar code on the pillow if you find the wrong ones ... this is ILLEGAL!  We get enough good deals ... please don't do this!

A couple more items that are ringing up 90% off that are not marked are the Pine Sol brooms and mops.  

One last thing to look for are the Americana pillows.  These are green dot, but I found them in a white cardboard bin in another aisle.  Regular $12 each, ringing at $1.20.

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