November 30, 2017

90% off red dot clearance added to the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder! #DollarGeneral

I am trying to get the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder updated as quick as I can!

We have had so many pennies recently, but I am working hard to catch up!  I did put the 90% off "select" red dot clearance in the app though.  There is a new category for it.  The 90% off red dot clearance is ONLY for bed and bath red dot items.  Most other red dot will ring up only 25% off.

If you have the Penny Puss APP, this is what you will see in your app:

I know that there was a lot of confusion about what is included.  There may be additional bed and bath red dot items not listed - and there is always the posibility of exclusions.

LET US KNOW if you find other items that we don't have in the app!

Recent pennies:

Halloween and 2 select Hostess cakes:  see more here: Halloween pennies
More recent categories - see more here: Green Dot Home, Swim/Summer, White and Yellow Dot Clothing/Shoes/Accessories, Gray Star Bras/Panties, Lawn/Garden with some EXCLUSIONS.

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