November 10, 2017

Dollar General Clearance Event Sat, Nov11 through Thurs, Nov 16!

This is the clearance event that I have been waiting for!

I have purchased pretty much everything that I wanted at 90% off clearance price in the categories that are included, but I have been holding out on purchasing too many of the white dot and yellow dot summer clothes, shoes, and accessories. Well, starting Saturday Dollar General is having a clearance even for an EXTRA 70% off select clearance. These categories include:

Swim/summer - already at 90%
Green dot home - already at 90%
Lawn/garden - already at 90%
Patriotic supplies - already at 90%
White and yellow dot clothing, shoes, and accessories that are marked down to 25¢ to $2 depending on starting price.

Plus, Military and Veterans be sure to show your ID on November 11 to get an additional 11% off your purchase!

You will get an EXTRA 70% off the already low clearance prices! Get out early for the best chance at finding these clearance items! Some categories may already be hard to find since they have been marked down already to low clearance prices. As I said though, I have been holding out on the white and yellow dot clothes, accessories, and shoes and there still seems to be quite a bit left at many of the stores.

Of course, as always, sales and clearance may vary. There are some exclusions for each category. Please understand that the employees are only doing their job. Sometimes when Dollar General has these clearance events, items don't ring as they are supposed to. Keep an eye on the prices as your items are scanned at the register.

There are quite a few "hidden" summer clearance items that are not quite obvious as summer. Look for "peel here" yellow tags, but NOT ALL of those will be included, but some are. Be sure they are S17 on back near the UPC ... and NO Nerf guns are included this time. If you are unsure, ask for a price check to see if the item is included. Many of the craft kits are not.

I have started to put the 90% clearance in the Penny Puss APP for your convenience.

Personally, this sale is awesome and if I find anything I want, I will buy it now. There is no way that I am waiting for these items to penny. They may not be there that long!

Above are a few items (a sample of what is the in the app) that are already in the Penny Puss APP - if you are interested in the Penny  Puss APP, it is $4.99 one-time fee.  Search for Penny Puss on Google Play, in the iTunes Store, or on Amazon!  I have found a lot of the summer clearance because the stores don't know it's included and it's still in the regular toy aisle in many instances!  

No, it does not have a scanner, but we have over 8000 items in the app and are adding more.  Remember though that seasonal items may reset and we only know if someone tells us!

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