November 18, 2017

Dollar General "hidden" or unmarked clearance!

Dollar General is starting to pull all the 90% clearance including as well as the 25¢ - $2 white and yellow dot clothing, shoes, accessories to send back.

These items should still be 90% through Monday.  They may reset back to full price on Tuesday ... or they may penny.  Last year, they pennied for 2 days and then reset.  We don't know if they will be the same this year ... but we will try to post as soon as we can verify anything.

This post is dedicated to the unmarked clearance.  Since they may NOT penny, you might want to get what you can this weekend!  These are items that I have seen passed over because shoppers don't all know that they are included!

Here are screenshots from the Penny Puss APP.  If you have the Penny Puss APP, most of these items do have pictures to help you locate them.  Be sure to match the UPCs!

This is where the clearance is right now ... well, should be ... the stores have been told to pull these items.  But, they do miss things sometimes.  YMMV.

25¢ - $2
  • White and Yellow dot clothing, shoes, and accessories (most flip flops are excluded.)  NEW items are being put out - codes must be ss17 or BEFORE!  
  • Gray star bras and underpants
  • Green dot home - there are a few exclusions (if they have a code of another year, they are not included.)  The $5 cow picture and the $5 medallion picture are excluded.
  • Patriotic party supplies (if they have a code of another year, they are not included.)  Flags are excluded.
  • Swim and summer  - covered below.
  • Lawn and garden (Hoses, grills, coolers ... all excluded.  Also some of the really big pots are excluded.)
Remember that there are ALWAYS exclusions.  If something rings full price and you don't want it, please put it back ... and put it back neatly!  I have seen grown women leave a whole cart of non-clearance and non-penny items at the register because they were wrong or were just checking to see if they were included.  That is just plain rude and ignorant!

For swim and summer toys, you are looking for the little yellow tags that say "peel here" ... they also have be this year and not a previous year.  There are a LOT of exclusions this year.  All Nerf and Nerf-type guns are excluded.  Most water guns, swim toys, and pools are included.

Also, these items are excluded.

Excluded Art Caddy Playset 430000597192
Excluded B/O Singing Purse 430000597086
Excluded Crystal Creation Playset 430000597147
Excluded DIY Toy Frame Mirror 430000597420
Excluded Doc McStuffins Magnetic Dress Up 430000597031
Excluded Doc McStuffins Wooden Bead set 430000597158
Excluded Doc McStuffins Wooden Mirror set 430000597253
Excluded DYO Toy Bracelet 430000597154
Excluded Girl Light UP Rings 430000597109
Excluded Glow in the Dark Playset 430000597299
Excluded Licenced Beaded Necklace 807716912098
Excluded Licenced Suncatchers asst 29116541832 +
Excluded Loom Band Set 430000597208
Excluded Paper Coloring kit 430000597246
Excluded Paper Flower Pot 430000597406
Excluded Pin Art 430000597437
Excluded Puffy Dress Up Sticker 430000597390
Excluded Toy Crown Jewelry Set 430000596980
Excluded Toy Gem Phone/Sneaker set 430000596997
Excluded Toy LED Necklace 43000059739
Excluded Toy Light Up Jewelry set 430000597093
Excluded Toy Lip Gloss Phone 430000597178
Excluded Toy Magic Milk Bottle 430000597444
Excluded Toy Magic Pony 430000597284
Excluded Toy Play Phone 75656700079
Excluded Toy Playdoh Playset 430000597314
Excluded 6 in Rollie Pollie Plush 26753071906
Excluded 7.5 oz Colorful Animal Plush 430000597321 846344088263 846344088270
Excluded BIN Sheep Plush 430000597468 871563006507 871563006514
Excluded Care Bear Bean Plush 886144430046 88614434555 886144434662 886144434679
Excluded Pouch Pal Plush Animal 430000597338 346344088287
Excluded Love Baby Doll 430000597291
Excluded Monster Hill Basic Doll 430000596843 887961251609 887961251623 887961292398
Excluded Princess Basic Doll 430000597161
Excluded Sweet Princess Doll 430000597017

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