November 18, 2017

I apologize for the Dollar General mix up, plus some useful information in finding clearance.

I want to offer my sincere apology for misinterpreting the PRP for Dollar General.
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I have been doing this a long long time and really should not have made that mistake. After looking up my last year post on what happened, I realized that I had made a big mistake. This is the post for last year at this time, if you want to refer to it: Updates on Penny Shopping at Dollar General (2016)

And, just because that is how it worked last year, does not mean that it will be the same this year, but I should have taken heed in posting that there may be pennies.  I will own that I was wrong.  This was MY mistake and not the mistake of any of our groups' admins in any way.

I tried to get the information out as fast as I could so people would not be disappointed and/or the stores frustrated. If you have the Penny Puss APP, this was sent to your phone:

I try my best to get the information out in a timely manner, so if you have the Penny Puss APP, be sure to check it frequently!  It should "ding" to tell you if there is a message and I rarely send out messages unless they are important, so remember to check!

I know a lot of you rely on me for the correct information, and yesterday, I let you all down.  Again, I am deeply sorry.

Okay, back to the pennies!  Penny items are always a big YMMV (your mileage may vary).  As I always say, we are NOT affiliated with Dollar General and do our best to give out the correct information.

The clearance yesterday went back to:

90% for lawn/garden, swim/summer, patriotic supplies, green dot home (with exclusions)]
For the 90% off categores, some exclusions include the grills, fans, hoses, large planters and any items that are BEFORE S17.

S17 is summer 17, so if you have a S16 that is summer of 16 (last year) and those reset to full price last year.  Here is an example of an items that would NOT be a penny.  It is last year and reset last year to full price.  This picture also gives you an idea of where to find the year code.

25¢ - $2 for white/yellow dot clothing, shoes, and accessories (with exclusions)
For the white/yellow dot categories, exclusions are any item LATER than SS17.

SS17, SW17, and SP17 are spring and summer of 17.  Anything FW17 (fall 17) or SS18 (summer 18) are NEW and are not included in the clearance.

Here is where you find the year code on the clothes and shoes:

Accessories could have either tag - depending on the item and may or may not have a date.  I did not find any excluded white dot accessories, but that does not mean that there aren't any.  I am giving you the best information I have.

I will do a separate post on what to look for in the swim and summer toys.  You should have at least until Monday to find them at 90% off.  Of course, YMMV is there too!

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