November 13, 2017

Inexpensive STERLING SILVER jewelry sold by Amazon - under $10!

I personally don't wear a lot of jewelry, but I prefer sterling silver ... so that is what I usually post.
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Amazon has what is called the "Amazon Collection" and these items are sold by Amazon and NOT 3rd-party sellers.  I prefer buying from Amazon and not 3rd-party sellers because I have trust issues, especially when it comes to gold and silver jewelry.  Anway, enough of my babbling ...

Here are some good deals on Amazon right now.  These are "add on" items, which means your order has to be $25 or more to purchase these items.  Prices can change at any time.

Many times I have ordered inexpensive items and the next day the price jumps drastically!  I think they lower prices like this when the sales are slow ... then increase when they start selling again.

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