November 16, 2017

Last day for EXTRA 90% off select clearance at Dollar General!

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there about what is on clearance as well as when the clearance event ends.

These are the included categories.  I will also do a breakdown of the prices following the categories that have an EXTRA 70%  NOW EXTRA 90% off already reduced prices.

White and yellow dot clothing, shoes, and acessories (by price scale)
Gray star bras and underwear (by price scale)
Green dot home (90%)
Lawn and garden (90%)
Swim and summer (90%)

Halloween is NOT included ... it was a one-day sale and I believe it glitched to give  much more off than it was supposed to.  Halloween should be 70% off and the Halloween candy should be only 50%.  This may vary.

White and yellow dot clothing, shoes, and accessories are 25¢ to $2 right now, depending on the beginning price.  The prices in red are the prices with the extra 90% off through Thursday, Nov 16.

I believe the gray star bras and underwear are following this scale markdown also.

With this said, there is NEW clothing with these dots that are being put out. 
I had an outfit that was FW17 (fall 17) that rang up $3 which is 70% off.
There are also ss18 (summer 18) that are being put out that will probably ring FULL PRICE.
These are not supposed to be included.

The 90% off categories are ringing the clearance 90% PLUS the extra 90%.  For example: a $1 item at 90% is 10¢ with the extra 90% off of that, it is ringing up 1¢.  Another example:   a $20 item at 90% off is $2, the extra 90% off of that price makes it only 20¢.  Why wait for these items to penny when you can get them now!  Although, they may be hard to find at this point!

Some items that are also low right now include some of the party plates, cups, and napkins.  I bought Dory yesterday for 9¢ a pack.  Supposedly Star Wars and Moana are also included!

Remember, this is the LAST day!

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