November 17, 2017

LAST November at Dollar General ... will history repeat itself?

Okay, that title is weird, but I thought you all might like to know what happened last year when all this stuff was supposed to be packed up and sent back.
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I found my post from last year and cut an excerpt from it.

It seems that (like last year) the stores were supposed to pull it all by Monday night. But then Tuesday came and it didn't penny ... it stayed at the clearance prices. But, on Wednesday it DID penny! And it stayed pennied for 2 days and reset back to full price on Friday! So, IF it's a repeat of last year, this may be what we are looking at. We really don't know. So, I am not going to predict when and IF it will penny. Just hope someone checks it every morning and let's us know!

The 90% clearance is still in the Penny Puss APP as 90% clearance until we find out it pennied. I tried to put the unmarked items in their first so that you can grab them while they are on clearance.

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