November 21, 2017

NEW pennies CONFIRMED at Dollar General today!

I am not out shopping, but other shoppers in my groups are confirming that the previous weeks 90% and $2 and under clearance have pennied.  See below.

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  • Green dot home - there are a few exclusions (if they have a code of another year, they are not included.)  There are some unmarked green dot items.  
  • Gray star bras and underpants (May be some exclusions.)
  • Patriotic party supplies (if they have a code of another year, they are not included.)
  • Swim and summer - I'm trying to add the items that are most likely passed over to the Penny Puss APP first.  I am also adding items that are excluded.  There is no possible way that I can add all the clothing and shoes.  
  • Lawn and garden (Hoses, grills, coolers ... all excluded.  Also some of the really big pots are excluded.)
  • White and yellow dot clothing, shoes, and accessories. (Baby bottles are excluded)  Must be year 17 or earlier.

There is a LOT more information in the following post:

Dollar General "hidden" or unmarked clearance - those are the items that should be pennies and many of the exclusions.

Remember though that these items are all supposed to reset back to full price ... so the pennies may be short lived this time!

If you do any type of shopping online, you really need to be signed up with Ebates!  Otherwise, you are missing out! 

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