November 13, 2017

New penny list for Dollar General Tuesday, Nov 14!

These items should penny on Nov 14 at Dollar General.  There is always a YMMV ... or may vary by store or location.
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UPDATE:  These are NOT being added in the search of the Penny Puss APP due to them being a huge YMMV.  Many people are saying they are full price while they have been verified at other locations (with receipt) at being a penny.   If you try them PLEASE PUT THEM BACK AND PUT THEM BACK NEATLY if they ring full price and you do not want them.  

These 10 items should penny tomorrow.  Tuesday, Nov 14.

Chips Ahoy Cookies big bag 3 oz 0044000006792
Nutter Butter Cookies big bag 3 oz 400035357627
Oven Baked Cookies Dutch Cocoa 8.9 oz 430000600335
Belle HW103 headwrap twisted 24576226626
Scunci 20386 G snap clips oval 8 ct 43194203864
Conair bobby pins curved brown 60 ct 74108556035
Scunci Girl 23381G Elastic w/ twin beads 10 ct 43194233816
Scunci 67403 A Bobby pins noslip blends 48 ct 43194674039
Belle HW101 Headwrap ribbinz print 3 ct 24576226589
Conair 64501N rollers self grip sm 6 ct 400029344954
Red dot/ back to school should go to 50%

Extra 70% off select seasonal clearance is still going on through Thursday.

These items will be searchable in the Penny Puss APP as soon as they are verified in the morning.  

The Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder is an in-store convenience item and not a replacement for your own research and judgement.

This app is an in-store tool.  It is best used with Facebook Groups and our Lists. 

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