November 20, 2017

Pennies tomorrow at Dollar General?

Well, as you know, tomorrow is Tuesday.
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Will we see pennies ... or won't we?  Last year, we were told that there were going to be  no more pennies ... and we've seen a whole nother year of them!  But, this time last year, they waited until Wednesday (instead of Tuesday) to penny the select categories ... and then they all reset by Friday.  Some stores even started showing up as "out of stock" and "do not sell" on Thursday.

Halloween baking, cookies, candy should be 70% and the rest of the Halloween should be 90%.  If a Halloween item has a blue dot it will most likely not be included (like the Play Doh).

So, IF we see pennies tomorrow or in the next couple days, I think they will probably reset just as quick ... if not quicker than last year.  But, we really never know.  We base all of our posts on the way things happened before.  I will be staying at home tomorrow (at least in the morning) and will try to update when people check in.

If you want to see what is 90% right now, you can check my other post.  This will give you an idea of what "might" penny tomorrow (then again, it might reset right back to full price), but even at 90% ... most of these things are really good deals!

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