November 3, 2017

San Francisco Bay OneCup only 28-30¢ when you buy 80-120 count!

Amazon has a great deal right now on San Francisco Bay OneCup (compatible with your Kcup machine).  These are my go-to pods for coffee!
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Not only is it good coffee, but the company is Eco-conscious and the coffee is Fair Trade.  The onecup pod itself is not made of plastic but some sort of potato starch.

Amazon has the 80 count French Roast for $22.02 which is only 28¢ per cup of coffee!

Or you can get either the Breakfast Blend or Organic Rainforest 120 count for only $35.99 which comes out to 30¢ per cup of coffee! I have had the Breakfast Blend, French Roast, Fog Chaser, and the Organic Rainforest and I like them all. I'm going to say that the Breakfast Blend is probably my husband's favorite ... but I prefer organic when I can afford it, so I ordered the Organic Rainforest this time.

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