November 16, 2017

Some items resetting back to FULL PRICE at Dollar General.

If you have been penny shopping for a while now, you will know that many seasonal items do reset back to full price.

Typically, many of the items that are put out each season do actually reset to full price.  Not necessarily the Dollar General branded items, although they may.  But items such as stuffing mix, canned pumpkin, cookie mixes, winter printed Ziploc bags, seasonal candy, and other items that they bring back year after year, usually do go back to full price so that they can sell them again this season.  Also, there may be some gift sets that pennied last year that also are resetting.

I am trying to update the Penny Puss APP to reflect this.  Please let me know if you find items that have reset so that I can update with the new information.  Here is an example in the Penny Puss APP:

My goal for posting about Dollar General penny shopping has always been about helping not only the customers find the deals, but also putting out the best and most current information available to cut down on confusion. There are some penny and clearance shoppers who get mad and just leave a pile of stuff for the store to put back when items aren't pennies like they think. This is ridiculous and completely uncalled for. It is NOT the store employees fault ... please put your stuff back YOURSELF, especially if you have a bunch of stuff.

I know that people that put the extra stress on the stores and make messes aren't really going to care that I have anything to say. But it doesn't hurt to try. Just think if you were working there ... how would you want to be treated?

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