December 6, 2017

December contest rules to win a Dollar General gift card!

First off, we are not in any way affiliated with Dollar General.  We run a blog and the Penny Puss APP to help Dollar General shoppers find clearance and penny deals!

This month's contest will be focusing on Red Dot clearance, Red Diamond clearance, Harvest clearance, and Halloween pennies as some of the other recent categories of pennies are resetting back to full price. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

December will be 2 random winners of $10 DG gift cards. Last month I had 3 prizes but it didn't seem to increase people who participated. So, if we see an increase in people participating, we may add more prizes next month.

Entries will be verified.  Winners will be chosen randomly sometime early January.

1. Post in either the Dollar General Penny Shopper and Clearance group or my "other" secret group a picture of item, picture of upc, and receipt verifying - or- post through the Penny Puss APP same things on the "share" tab. You do not have to type out the upc - 3 pictures will suffice and make it easier on you all. I must be able to read the numbers on the UPC and the receipt. If the symbol is not shown in the pictures, please state if and what the symbol is on the item.

2. Go to Rafflecopter and enter up to 20 times AFTER each of up to 20 posts. In other words, you can post 20 items and then verify in Rafflecopter 20 times. Do NOT enter without posting required data first either in our group or through the Penny Puss APP!

Since by law I need an alternate method of entry which requires no purchase, you may send one letter with your Facebook name, (real name if different), address, and email address to PO Box 36, Pricedale, PA 15072 to gain an entry to this contest.
Enter on Rafflecopter after completing tasks.

If you do any type of shopping online, you really need to be signed up with Ebates!  Otherwise, you are missing out! 
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