December 18, 2017

Harvest should penny tomorrow at Dollar General.

It's a little confusing lately with Dollar General mixing things up!  We have been doing this for years ... there are many new popup websites that mislead and post a bunch of old items like they are new pennies.  We will never mislead you intentionally.  We also do not approve and will not condone any misuse of coupons - period!
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Tomorrow, Harvest "should" penny.  But, remember last week when it was supposed to go to 90% on Tuesday, but it didn't until Wednesday ... that could always happen with pennies too!  And,  NO, they will not override to a penny.

Penny items are supposed to be pulled from the shelf by employees.  We go in and scoop them up without making a mess or causing a scene!  If your items don't ring up a penny or ring more than you expected and you don't want them, please PUT THEM BACK and put the back NEATLY!  There is no reason to cause more work for the employees.

Harvest is a little confusing, but if you have been at this for a while, you probably understand it.  But, some harvest have red diamonds ... other products have red diamonds too, but are only 25%.  Same goes with red dot - only bedding and bath linens marked down to 90% ... other red dots are most likely around 25%!  That is why it is crucial to pay attention to what is going on.  When you get out of the game for a while ... it's easy to get lost!

Most of the resent pennies have reset!  We try to keep everyone informed through our website as well as the Penny Puss APP!  Items that we know have reset are removed as we find out ... or when new stock of same items from a past year are put out with the same bar codes.  You can find out more about penny shopping at Dollar General here: Penny Puss - the ins and outs of penny shopping at Dollar General.

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