December 6, 2017

This was MY lucky day! I WON!

I didn't even enter a contest ... and I won!  And, yes, it's legit!

I ordered lobster from Get Maine Lobster yesterday for my upcoming Winter Solstice dinner which I host for my close family each year.  Today, I was in the local Joann store looking for a coupon on my phone and saw an email from Mark Murrell, the owner of Get Maine Lobster.  Here is the email:

I was so surprised and excited that I almost started crying!  I know he has talked about his random acts of kindness in his marketing emails, but I never thought it would be me!  

And, by the way, this is an EXCELLENT company!  They have great customer service too!  

If you want the coupons, you will need to sign up for their emails - they have AWESOME coupons!  You all know I use coupons - and, yes, even on lobster!

I still can't believe I won!

Check out Get Maine Lobster's Random Act of Kindness blog post: 30 Days of Random Acts of Holiday Kindness

PS:  if you like crab, you need to check out their Jonah Crab Claws!  Those are my favorite!


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