December 14, 2017

UPDATE on Harvest at Dollar General.

On Tuesday, my local stores had signs up that said "90% off Harvest" - but Harvest rang up at only 70% off.

It looks like they fixed it though.  Yesterday, Harvest was ringing 90%, so they did fix it.  Let us know if your store is ringing correctly now too.

The stores that had the signs up did overrides on my items, but one store said it was going to take the signs down because it wasn't ringing right.

I only bought flowers.  Be sure to look for these!  Many times the store misses them when putting clearance together because they are usually in a box on the floor.

I absolutely think that they should override if it's marked ... but if it's not, then there isn't much you can do.

While I have your attention, go to the link below and check out Ebates!  You get cash back for shopping at stores online ... stores you normally shop!

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