January 7, 2017

Walmart Clearance Haul and Pennies!

Yes, it's just before 6 am this morning and I just uploaded a new video.  My husband hasn't been feeling well and is congested ... and he is snoring so loud.  So, I decided it would be a good time to take the Christmas tree down and make a video.  I'm up, I might as well do something productive!

So, this is my Walmart clearance haul from the past couple days.  The video of my haul when Walmart first went to 75% is below in case you want to know what else to look for.  I also found some penny items at Walmart.  Well, not actually a penny, but 2¢!

I hope Walmart will go to 90% soon!

January 6, 2017

SodaStream $22.99 and the bottles of flavors are only 25¢! Run!

Head over to Kmart and check out this deal on the SodaStreams!  The shelf says $25 (which is a great deal to begin with) but they are actually ringing up at $22.99!  The flavors say 50¢ on the shelf tag and are ringing only 25¢!  I was just at Staples and the flavor bottles were on clearance there for $3!

As I said, RUN!!!

January 5, 2017

Free coffee at 7-Eleven on Wedsnesday - see how to get yours!

Free coffee on Wednesday's in January at 7-Eleven with their App!
Also, check out their site to see how to get a Free Slurpee on Saturdays!

Free DeLallo 2017 calendar with coupons!

This may be an affiliate link, but I really do love DeLallo Pepperocinis!  I have bought other brands and they just don't compare.  Most people might not be so picky about jarred peppers, but one of the items that I don't like from Aldi too is their jarred sliced jalapenos ... they are just too soft.  Anyway, enough about me and my pepper preferences ... and back to the free calendar.

Not sure what kind of coupons will be in the calendar ... but I'm excited about this calendar!

Free 2017 DeLallo Recipes & Coupons Calendar

My New Year's resolution to lose weight, low-carb 'stuffed pepper' meatloaf recipe, and Atkins coupons!

For about a week now, actually the week before the new year, I have cut out the high carbs from my diet.  I'm not actually following any specific diet, but from the past it's kind of based on Atkins.  For low carb snacks, I prefer olives, cheese, pork rinds, or  nuts.  My husband, on the other hand, prefers sweet snacks ... so I do buy Atkins bars and shakes for him.  He's not quite ready to join me on the diet yet, but I did print the coupons from Atkins so that I can pick up some when he's ready here shortly.
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If you are interested in Atkins coupons, you can click below to register and print coupons.  I already had an account and it allowed me to log in and get the coupons, so they must not be for just first-time registering.

So, back to the meatloaf.  I've never really had a go to recipe for meatloaf ... but I was hoping to come up with something good without the high carb "filler".  Mom always made her meatloaf with oatmeal and I've made it like that too, but that's not allowed on my diet.

This meatloaf has a bit of a stuffed pepper taste.

January 4, 2017

Free Pancakes from IHOP - see how!

Sign up for Free Pancakes with IHOP Pancake Revolution to get FREE pancakes!

You get them 1) right away for signing up 2) every year on your anniversary of joining 3) every year on your birthday!
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January 3, 2017

Update: Surprise pennies! Holiday markdowns continue.

UPDATE: Surprise pennies!

Hostess Holiday cakes have pennied!  They will most likely be hard to find ... but you never know!

As far as we know, there will be no new pennies at Dollar General today, but it's always possible to get surprise pennies.  As we said a while back, Dollar General is changing things and pennies are not known ... they come as a surprise.

Here is the holiday markdown for this week though.

January 2, 2017

Excellent deals on select Shopkins on Amazon!

It's never too early to stock up for birthdays!  I've been taking advantage of Rite Aid's 75% off their holiday clearance going on right now.  They have a lot of toys at great prices ... also, Dollar General has buy 1 get 2 free (blue or yellow starred tags) toys right now!  I am stocked up for the year for  my granddaughter!

So if you have a child who loves Shopkins, why not get these and put them away for Valentine's Day, Easter, or a birthday?