January 13, 2017

32" LED Smart Tv for only $125 with local pickup!

Walmart.com has this 32" LED Smart TV for local pick up only for $125 (that's down over $100 off of retail!).  This may or may not be available in your local store.  See site for availability.  You can order online for local pick up to be sure that no one gets there before you do!
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Heads up! JCPenney giving away free coupons in store today!

If you look at the JCPenney's Facebook page, you will see that they say that they will be giving away coupons that can be used today and tomorrow!  $10 off $10, $20 off $20, and $100 off $100!  Check with your local store for the details!

Walmart, CVS, and Staples Clearance Haul (video).

Walmart Christmas and holiday clearance went to 90% yesterday and although there really wasn't much left, I did find a few items.  A few items were unmarked clearance and the throw blankets looked like someone actually hid them.  I posted about it here: 90% off Walmart Holiday Clearance, but decided to do a quick video of all my finds from yesterday.

At Walmart, I saw a bunch of holiday socks mixed in with a display of slippers - I checked the price and the socks were scanning at 25¢, but I didn't buy any.  Also, the Tree Dazzlers that are located in the As Seen on TV area were scanning at $10 - I didn't buy any of those either.  Kid's holiday sleepers were scanning at 50¢.

January 12, 2017

Goody's 25-piece Troll Hair Accessory Set only $4 - select pick up at local store!

Head on over to Walmart.com and check out this cute Troll Hair Accessory Set for only $4!  You can have it shipped to your local store for pick up to save shipping charges!
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Palmer's Candy Recall!

Palmer's Candy is recalling a list of their items due to possible Salmonella contamination.  This is the same reason that Hostess Peppermint Twinkies were recalled.

As couponers and bargain shoppers, we may be more susceptible to having these still in our stockpiles.

You can go to Palmer's Candy website to see more about the recall and pictures of all the products that are affected.

My 90% off Holiday Clearance Haul from Walmart this morning, plus other clearance items of interest!

If you have a Walmart close by, head on over and see what's left of holiday merchandise!  I checked my Walmart app this morning and saw that the hooded towels (select ones) were down to $1.18!  I fed my cat, packed my husband's lunch, and headed to Walmart just after 5 am!

I did score quite a few of the hooded character towels too!  You can see my video here of what they are ... I purchased some at 75% off too.
75% off Walmart Clearance Haul from last week.

I was really surprised that they still had some!  The ones that are included should be in a red cardboard display - the ones in the regular aisle are full price.  Of course, you can check random ones on the price scanner to be sure.  That's why I like Walmart clearance so much ... you can just check yourself.  And, please remember to put the items back where they belong if you are not getting them!

Here are the items that I got today for 90% off.  This is my second time in the store.  I purchased the hooded towels first and went back in.

January 11, 2017

My Rite Aid Shopping Trip Yesterday - paid $44.90 got $30 back in Plenti points and $10 Catalina!

If you are a Rite Aid shopper, you probably know that they are having a promotion for buying select $50 worth of products and you get back $20 in Plenti points.  You can see what all is included this week here:  Starting Points participating products.
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Well, this works out great for Huggies diapers this week, as they are included AND they give you a $10 off Catalina when you purchase $30 or more!

So for a $43.94 (plus tax) after coupons ...
I have (4) packs of diapers, (2) packs of bulbs, $30 Plenti points that I will use at Exxon for gas, and $10 of my next purchase at Rite Aid!

January 10, 2017

My haul of Kmart's Smart Sense brand products.

UPDATE:  This deal has been capped at $50 now!

I finally decided to take some time and look around Kmart to see what Smart Sense items that I'd like to try.  If you missed this deal, you can see the details here: Get back 100% in points on what you spend on Smart Source brands at Kmart

I am fairly picky about certain items such as paper towels and toilet paper, so I didn't get those items.  I also don't use chemical cleaners, so I skipped those items too.  I pretty much set out to spend around $55 so I could use a $5 coupon that I added to my account earlier today and so I would still have a $50 order after the coupon to earn the gas reward.

I got everything that is pictured, but I put back 2 of the bagged candy and not shown is a 35 count pack of water.

Kmart - get 100% back in points on Smart Sense products!

If you haven't check out Kmart's Smart Sense products yet, you might want to.  I keep looking but putting it off.  I love Kmart's points - and WHEN it works right, it's really one of the best point systems out there.
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Update: 4/7/2017

Why I am stepping down as a Shop Your Way personal shopper.

So, the deal is that you must purchase $10 or more of the Smart Sense products to get the entire amount you spend back in points!  I think this is to introduce people to their store brand products.  So, go online and choose in store pick up ... or just head over to Kmart and browse around!

Hatchimals are back in stock at $59.99 and FREE SHIPPING!

Head over to Walmart.com and check out the Hatchimals that are back in stock!
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Walmart is selling them for $59.99 with free shipping.

No new pennies at Dollar General for 1/10

As far as we know, there are no new pennies and no additional markdowns for today.

Most pennies come as a surprise now.  So, let us know if you find anything!


January 9, 2017

Still finding unmarked clearance at Walmart.

I made a quick trip to Walmart yesterday because my husband has been sick and has congestion ... and he was out of Mucinex.  So I did a couple quick searches while I was there.

I didn't find too much, but I'm going back today to look a little more.  I searched my Walmart app for some random words and found a few interesting things ... now let's hope that I can locate them in the store.  Sometimes the app says that it's in stock but it's nowhere to be found!

Samples and Samplers you can purchase on Amazon and get credit towards your next order. Free shipping with Prime. See details.

Amazon has various sample and sampler items that you can order and you receive a credit towards your next purchase of that same amount.
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Burt's Bees up to 40% off select items!

Head on over to Burt's Bees and check out their sale!  They have select items up to 40% off right now!

I really like the lip balm ... my husband bought me about 8 of them for Christmas!  So, I'm stocked up!

Do you buy from Prime Pantry? Buy 5 select items, get free shipping!

Do you buy from Prime Pantry?  I have purchased a couple times, but I really despise the $5.99 shipping fee.

You must have Amazon Prime to use Prime Pantry and if you don't, you can see if you qualify for a free 30-day trial of Prime at the following link.
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Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Amazon has been running a promotion for buy 5 select items and get free shipping.  These items and prices (and coupons) change frequently, but these are the prices at the time I am posting.

As of right now, these 5 items are included in the items that will give you free shipping.  Add ALL 5 of these to your cart, BUT BE SURE TO CLICK on the $1 off coupon on each page!

If the items below don't suit you, you can see what other items qualify for giving you free shipping here:
Free shipping on Prime Pantry with purchase of 5 select items.

Also, remember that you can only use a coupon one of that selected product.

Your total BEFORE the coupons come off will be $13.07.  You will get free shipping and $5 in coupons will come off!  So your total for these 5 items will only be $8.07 - and this earns you FREE SHIPPING!  So instead of paying $5.99 shipping fee and getting nothing for it, you are paying $8.07 and getting 5 extra products!

Now you can add whatever other items you want to your order.  Amazon also offers various credits when you have Prime and select "no rush" shipping.  Sometimes they offer $5 off your next Prime Pantry order ... and this IS stackable with the buy 5 select items (I'm sure that could change at any time though, so be sure to go over the numbers at checkout!)

If you have that extra credit from previous orders, you might have to play around with adding an item or so extra - for some reason it only gives me part of it when I looked at the total at checkout with just these 5 items.

So here is my order $22.74 before going to checkout:

January 8, 2017

3 new Glade coupons - use with holiday clearance!

There are 3 new Glade coupons available to print!  Glade holiday items have been reduced at many stores including Dollar General!  Print and use these coupons to get an awesome deal!

$2.00 off any 3 Glade products

$1.00 off any 2 Glade products

Buy any 3 Glade Aerosol or Solid, get 1 free

You might also be interested in these new coupons:

50 ct bags of Frito-Lay Brand Chips, Cheetos, Doritos pack only $11.98 shipped for Prime members!

This is a great deal for lunches!  Frito-Lay multipack of 50 bags for under $12!  That's only 24¢ a bag!  This box consists of 50 bags 1 oz each.
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Ten 1 oz. bags of FRITOS Original Corn Chips, sixteen 1 oz. bags of CHEETOS Crunchy Cheese Flavored Snacks, eight 1 oz. bags of DORITOS Nacho Cheese Flavored Tortilla Chips, twelve 1 oz. bags of LAY'S Classic, four 1. oz. bags of LAY'S Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips