March 4, 2017

Update on Dollar General's Clearance Event - March 3-5

I see people complaining that the regular clearance isn't coming up as 50% off ... well, it is not included this time.  If you read the receipt, you will see where it only mentions specific and seasonal categories.  While your store may decide to include these items, they are NOT required to.

This is the list ... some items are 50% and other an EXTRA 50%.

The next 2 lists are OLD lists, but contain the information for the As Seen on TV items as well as the Q4 electronics.  These may be old lists, but are items (if you can find them) that will be an additional 50% off.

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The additional lists are below the ad.

March 2, 2017

Extra 50% off seasonal clearance at Dollar General starting tomorrow!

Starting tomorrow and through March 5, Dollar General is having an extra 50% off clearance event!  Some items will be extra 50%, while others will be just 50% off.

March 1, 2017

Update on what is new pennied and clearance at Dollar General this week.

I have updated the graphic on what pennied and percent off clearance categories since yesterday.  Sometimes we don't know exactly what is going to happen as we are not affiliated with Dollar General.

Someone said that another group or site put the back to school list out as being a penny list.  That was incorrect.  The BTS16 (back to school from last year) is 90%, not a penny.

Anyway, here is the updated information including the BTS16 list (below the advertisement.)

February 27, 2017

Dollar General pennies and clearance for tomorrow ... i'ts always a guessing game anymore!

Dollar General is so unpredictable anymore, that Monday's lists give me a bit of anxiety! Will it be right? The employees are told "no more pennies" and then we have over 500 pennies over the past couple weeks. I guess we just never know. So, we only give our "best guess" now. This is what we think will happen with what we hear from the stores and what has happened in the past, but remember that it can vary and it will vary at times.

February 26, 2017

Kmart sale and clearance foods 50-75% off!

I posted about sale and clearance food yesterday, but then I checked this morning and some of them have reduced even more since yesterday!

Update: 4/7/2017

Why I am stepping down as a Shop Your Way personal shopper.

This is the main link for discounted snack foods:
Sale and clearance foods at Kmart