March 10, 2017

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You can get 100 4x6 photo prints for just 1¢ each on Amazon!
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Be sure to share this page with everyone you know with babies and kids!  Most parents take hundreds of pictures of their children!

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Even if you don't have any photos to make right now, you could make up advertising pictures for your business ... I'm sure there are quite a few different ideas you could do for crafting too!  If anyone  has suggestions, let us know!

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March 7, 2017

Food clearance and sale at Kmart this week.

Update: 4/7/2017

Why I am stepping down as a Shop Your Way personal shopper.

If available at your store, here are some clearance food deals:


What should penny today at Dollar General.

This the preliminary list of what should penny today at Dollar General.  Remember that they have sometimes delayed it a week.  And, as always, this is our best guess.

Please be respectful to your store.  I have updated the app quite a bit, but all this is not in it yet.  I am working to get it updated as best as I can.

March 6, 2017

Free trial offers on Amazon for shipping, music, HBO, Starz and more!

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