April 7, 2017

All PowerCore Pacs Laundry Detergent, 50 count only $7.47 after coupon!

There is a high-value All brand detergent coupon available to print right now!

Head over to Walmart and purchase the 50 count All PowerCore Pac for only $8.97 (as shown online).  Most Walmart stores will price-match their own online price.  I do know that there are some stores that do not price match any longer, though.
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So grab it for $8.97 and use the $1.50 off All PowerCore coupon that is available to print now!  Only $7.47 after coupon!  Or, if you prefer liquid All, see the coupons below.


$1.50 off one ALL liquid or powercore

Kmart deals through April 15 plus pics of some clearance!

Just because I am not pursuing being a "personal shopper" through SYW, does not mean that I am going to let you down as a blogger.
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I had issues with their program, not with my clients or my blog followers.
If you want to read more, go here please: Why I am stepping down as a Shop Your Way personal shopper.

So, anyway, it looks like Kmart's advertisement is for 2 weeks this time and these deals are good through April 15.  Here are the highlights:
(These deals may vary by location, please see your local ad or order online.)

Also, remember that if you order online, you can get 1% cash back for Kmart and 1.5% for Sears through eBates! 

Coke 2-liter bottles are 88¢
7-UP 2-liter bottles are 88¢
Coke 6-pack 16.9 oz bottles are 4/$9
Kellogg's cereal 11.2-18.7 oz and fruit snacks 8 oz are $2

$1.00 off any THREE Kelloggs Fruit Flavored Snacks
$0.50 off any ONE Kelloggs Cereal Listed

Smart Sense 24-pack of water $1.99

April 6, 2017

Why I am stepping down as a Shop Your Way personal shopper.

After careful consideration, I have decided that the ShopYourWay personal shopper program is not for me.  I am a blogger ... I work for myself.  I don't push sales on anyone.  If I find what I feel is an interesting deal, I post it and let others know.  I get asked to find deals here and there from followers of my blog as well as friends and family members ... I don't need ShopYourWay to be a personal shopper.  I can be a "deal seeker" for you anytime ... as I have always been for my family, friends, AND random strangers in the past.  I like finding deals and sharing them!
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There are actually several reasons why I chose not to accept the new terms of the ShopYourWay program.  

The decision actually started a while back when I received this email.  I started to feel that there was too much control on what I could help my clients with.  I have one client that asked me to send her specific things monthly.  I CANNOT do that through the SYW dashboard or without her asking each time if I am to follow the terms as they are listed in this email.  To help people the way THEY want to be helped, I am violating the terms.  I guess this was just the beginning of the end of this for me.

1.  I am also now assigned a "team leader" ... just because I'm not making the amount of sales that they want, I am now under micro-management.  Nope.  ShopYourWay is  NOT my main focus.

April 3, 2017

No new pennies, but new markdowns at Dollar General.

There should be no new pennies tomorrow at Dollar General, but there are some different markdowns. I will be up around 4:45 am to type of the lists of the fall and winter hardware. I was really hoping that brown dot would go down a bit more ... oh well.

April 2, 2017

30-day Free Trial of Amazon Music Unlimited!

Both Prime and Non-Prime members can sign up for a 30-day free trial to try out Amazon Music Unlimited.
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