April 21, 2017

AcuRite Wireless Weather and Intelli-Time Clock Station only $6.88 choose in-store pick up!

I was just randomly checking for deals on Walmart this morning and came across this AcuRite Wireless Weather and Intelli-Time Clock Station for only $6.88!  This shows up as $19.99 on the AcuRite site!
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AcuRite Wireless Weather and Intelli-Time Clock Station only $6.88!

I decided to check BrickSeek to see if it was any cheaper in my local store.  Well, it actually shows up as over $17 on BrickSeek!  You will need to order this online and pick up in-store to get the $6.88 price.


April 20, 2017

Car Wash Bucket Deal $37.94 of products for only $20! See details.

Head on over to AutoZone.com and check out their car wash bucket deal!  You get $37.94 worth of products for only $20!  Summer is coming and you know you need this!

This deal expires on May 1st.  But you might want to get in on it now to ensure all items are still in stock as you have to add them one by one to the deal.

Cesar dog food trays as low as 38¢ (when you buy 14) at Dollar General with coupons.

This week, you can get 14 trays of Cesar wet dog food for as low as 38¢ each after digital and printable coupons.
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I am going by the price on DG.com, your store may vary slightly.

Buy 14 trays of Cesar dog food at 75¢ each ($10.50 total)
*Use $2.50 off $10 of Cesar DG digital 
*Use buy 2 get 1 free Cesar (up to 70¢) digital manufacturer coupon
*and $2 off 10 Cesar printable coupon
Your total should be $5.30 plus tax or a savings of almost 50%.

$2.00 off any 10 Cesar single trays

Jimmy John's is NOT having $1 subs on 4/21. #FakeNews

I have seen all over the internet about Jimmy John's having subs for only $1 tomorrow.  Well, guess what?  It's FAKE NEWS!

Be sure to share this to your friends so that they don't go out of their way to get a $1 deal that doesn't even exist.  I get so frustrated when people make up stuff like this and then innocent people share it because it would be a great deal.  So anyway, it is fake news and please let others  know.

As always, when I see a deal, I like to check out the original source of the deal before posting ... and in this case, Jimmy John's.  I headed over to their Twitter account and found this:

Does a $30 Power Washer interest you?

Walmart has a couple power washers right now that are showing up in BrickSeek for only $30!  The catch, however, is if it is in stock in your area as this is IN STORE only pricing!
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Head over to BrickSeek inventory checker and see if either of these show in your area at this price!

The first one is SKU 49962503 and the second is 40694377.


Both show out of stock anywhere around me.  If you are going to Walmart, you might just check your store though because sometimes BrickSeek is wrong due to an inventory discrpency.

Bounty Paper Towels 6=10 roll only $4.88 at Home Depot after coupon!

Head on over to HomeDepot.com and see if the 6=10 Bounty Paper Towels are available in your area!  They are originally $9.88 and on clearance for $5.88.
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Combine with the $1 off Bounty coupon to get this pack for only $4.88!

Unlocked Iphone 6 only $149 at Walmart!

Walmart has the Iphone 6 for only $149 - but it is IN STORE only!  This is supposedly an unlocked phone and can be used with Verizon or AT&T, but you might want to double check before purchasing it!
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I checked BrickSeek to see if there are any close by as I really could use a new phone, but the closest is North Huntington ... and occasionally BrickSeek is wrong, so I really don't feel like traveling all that way.  But if a store to you is close by and shows in stock - RUN!  This is an amazing price!
Click here to see the item on Walmart.com.

Then, head over to BrickSeek and see if it's available in your area!

April 18, 2017

Recycle an old electronic item at Staples and get a $10 off $30 coupon!

Head on over to Staples with your old electronics that you have been wanting to get rid of!  You can score a $10 off $30 coupon for your next purchase!

Before taking your item to Staples, though, you might want to see if it's worth more as a trade-in on Amazon.  Check your item on Amazon Trade In.

I know some people prefer to sell their electronics outright, but I prefer not dealing with selling used electronics.  So, I will take a printer to this event and get my $10 off coupon ... which I will most likely use on San Francisco Bay Coffee OneCup Pods!  I'll just need to add a small filler item to get my total over $30 to use the coupon.

April 17, 2017

New pennies at Dollar General tomorrow 4/18!

The new penny list for tomorrow is out!  Remember that the store is supposed to pull the items, we only get what they miss!

And, don't forget to check out our contest to "win the app by the pussy!".

Check out the "hidden" items that are being reduced with brown dot:  Brown dot markdowns